Seminars in MSK Radiology
Dec. 15th-17th, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

The congress

The congress is held under the auspices of the European Society of MSK radiology (ESSR) and the Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR).

ESSR and BSR members can benefit of discounted registration fees. Radiologists in training (resident with proof of their status) also benefit of a special registration fees policy.


Congress venue

“Bowling Stones” meeting center
Steenweg op Brussel 397, 1780, Brussels, Belgium


  • Adelin Albert, Liège, BE
  • Michel De Maeseneer, Brussels, BE
  • Julie Desimpel, Duffel/Antwerp, BE
  • Andrew Grainger, Leeds, UK
  • Giuseppe Guglielmi, Foggia, IT
  • Edwin Oei, Rotterdam, NL
  • Lennart Jans, Gent, BE
  • Afarine Madani, Brussels, BE
  • Fethi Ladeb, Tunis, TN
  • Vittorio Pansini, Foggia, IT
  • Philippe Peetrons, Brussels, BE
  • Magdalena Posadzy, Poznan, PL
  • Philip Robinson, Leeds, UK
  • Winston Ronnie, Leicester, UK
  • Maryam Shahabpour, Brussels, BE
  • Paolo Simoni, Brussels, BE
  • Iwona Sudoł-Szopińska, Warsaw, PL
  • James Teh, Oxford, UK
  • Pieter Van Dyck Antwerp, BE
  • Bruno Vande Berg, Bruxelles, BE Geert
  • Geert Vanderschueren, Leuven, BE
  • Filip Vanhoenaker , Antwerp, BE

  • Adelin Albert

  • Michel De Maeseneer

  • Julie Desimpel

  • Andrew Grainger

  • Giuseppe Guglielmi

  • Edwin Oei

  • Lennart Jans

  • Afarine Madani

  • Fethi Ladeb

  • Vittorio Pansini

  • Philippe Peetrons

  • Magdalena Posadzy

  • Philip Robinson

  • Winston Ronnie

  • Maryam Shahabpour

  • Paolo Simoni, President

  • Iwona Sudoł-Szopińska

  • James Teh

  • Pieter Van Dyck

  • Bruno Vande Berg

  • Geert Vanderschueren

  • Filip Vanhoenaker


A request for the accreditation of the meeting was sent to

  • the EBR office (EACMME section for radiologists) for the european CP
  • to the RIZIV-INAMI (CP points and enhics and enconomy for Belgian participants)
  • to the ESSR for the European Diploma.